Frequently asked questions


Why choose Hops & grains?

We are lucky enough to live in the craft beer capital of the world! With more than 125 craft breweries from San Diego to Temecula, there are endless options of beers to choose from! I have a 15 cubic feet chest freezer converted to a kegerator to keep the beer at a perfect 38 degrees for the entirety of your event! No dealing with ice tubs or hand pump taps.

Do you provide alcohol for an event?

No. I am simply a bartender for hire, who happens to bring his own fully equipped bar and kegerator! To be in accordance with California law, all alcoholic beverages must be provided by the event coordinator (i.e. the bride & groom) or through a third party (i.e. your event caterer.) As well, in accordance with the California Health Department laws, all mixers, non-alcoholic drinks and garnishes must be provided by the client.

However, I am connected with most breweries from San Diego to Temecula, so let me know what beers you want and I will reach out to them for you! The easiest way to order is through or (you can put my name to pick it up for you!) They carry over 250 different beers. Don't see what you're looking for? Let me know and I can reach out to the brewery myself!

Why choose Kegs over bottles?

There are multiple reasons of why choosing keg beer is better than bottles.

Firstly, you get more beer for your money, as some six packs of certain IPAs can range up to $20, for 6 beers! The average cost of one 12oz beer from a keg is $1.25.

Second, the variety of beers to choose from is larger in kegs, compared to what is offered in bottles or cans.

Also, keg beer is almost always fresher than the bottles you buy at the store. A keg comes straight from the brewery, most likely being brewed in the last couple of weeks. Cases of bottles can be sitting on the shelf of a store for well over a month or longer, giving more time for oxygen and light to leak into the bottle, ruining your beer!



Yes. Tipping is customary in this industry and tips are greatly appreciated for great service. Having a tip jar helps keep my prices low. However, if you don't want a tip jar out, a 20% service gratuity fee will be added to the total amount due.


What beers can I order?

I have connections with many breweries already from San Diego to Temecula. Check or first. If you don't know what you want, no problem! I have been bartending for over 10 years, and have been managing a bar for the last 2 years with 30 taps. I have tasted lots of what San Diego has to offer, and can give you great recommendations depending on what styles you like! Lets chat and I know I can help get you some great beer!

How much do you charge?

Click HERE to visit the pricing section.

How big is the Hops & Grains mobile bar trailer?

The trailer is 11 feet long, front to back. It measures just over 8 feet tall, and 6 feet wide.

What else can you serve besides beer?

Anything you are looking for! I can pour wine and make craft cocktails as well! If you need help creating signature cocktails, not a problem! I can also pour cold on tap your house made sangria, beer, cider or any other premade cocktail! (Ask for more details) Lets talk about what you like and ill create something all your guests will love!

If there is left over beer, how can I take it home?

Since you are buying the beer, if there is any leftover, its yours to take! However, if you take the keg home, it will be your responsibility to return the keg in order to get your keg deposit back. If you don't have a kegerator or hand pump tap at home, I can fillup your growlers, or you can buy some off me to empty your keg!